Provillus – Scientifically Proven Hair Loss Remedy


Can you restore your thinning hairline to it’s once former glory without prescription drugs, hairpieces or painful surgeries?

What if i told you about a method that is taking the world by storm and only involves spraying a clinically proven topical solution on your head?

You don’t have to feel like your masculinity or femininity is being robbed of you anymore. Finally you can do something about it.

provillus hair loss solution

Provillus is receiving a lot of attention right now as it is one of the only hair loss products that contains an FDA approved ingredient that has been scientifically proven to combat hair loss and rejuvenate thinning hair cells. The good news is that it can be used by women and men. Hair loss is no longer a condition that effects just men in the majority.

If you want to know whether it will actually restore your thinning hairline read on…


Provillus Minoxidil

Provillus is actually the brand name for the topical solution minoxidil. It came to be used as a hair regrowth product solution by complete accident. Originally it was introduced to combat high blood pressure for which it was deemed quite ineffective. Ironically though it was discovered it had an interesting side effect. It could cause hair regrowth and prevent hereditary hair loss.

So wow, think about that for a moment, a hair loss product that actually works. One that has been backed by the FDA and not some fly-by-night “hair brain” scheme designed to rob YOU of money.

Early Hair loss effects up to 50 million people in the United States alone. If you are one of these people that are obviously uncomfortable with going bald before your time, this tonic could be essential in solving your problems.

The clock is ticking…

I say could be because you have to give it at least 16 weeks to work, and it will not restore large balding patches of scalp. If this has already occurred sorry it’s too late. That’s why you have to catch it before this occurs. I.E. once you are in the early stages of losing your hair.

Provillus For Men & Women Review

It works for women

It works for women too!

As you can imagine with the rise of male and female pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia), using Provillus for receding hairlines can reverse unwanted hair loss. Whether you are a man or a women adding volume and thickness to an already thinning hairline can be achieved. Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Provillus has been scientifically proved to regrow hair.

So if you want to stop the unnatural shedding of your hairline you need to stimulate and rejuvenate that already existing amount of hair that you have. This is what happens when you apply this compound to your hair, and as the research already shows, it does a damn good job of it.


So how exactly does it do that?


Provillus – Does it Work?

Yes – the combination of the FDA approved minoxidil and other active ingredients have been scientifically proven to work. Provillus promotes the flow of oxygen, blood flow and nutrients reaching your hair follicles. This in turn causes thicker hair follicles and the rejuvenation of shrunken hair follicles.

Check out these results

In a study It has been rated as “Excellent” and “very good” by 95% of users. 100% of them reported they had thicker, fuller hair after a course of treatment.

In another 16 week study for men showed that 85% of participants experienced hair growth. In a longer 48 week study conducted on women the results showed that after 32 weeks 60% of women had hair growth.

Side effects only affected 6% of the study and was limited to mild itching and irritation of the scalp.


Where It Won’t Work

It will not cause hair to regrow in large balding areas of the scalp. It works best in areas of recent thinning hair and if there is a history of hereditary hair loss in the family. Men and women under the age of 40 have had the most success with this topical solution.

It won’t actually prevent a receding hairline, as it can’t regrow hair where there is no hair follicles left in place. It can thicken the surrounding area and help protect what you have already got.

How Long Does It Take For Results To Show?

The best results come with this treatment after approximately 16 weeks of treatment. It is then that most people notice a thickness of the hair and an improvement in the shine and condition of the hair.

Results can also disappear after you stop using the treatment.


Is Provillus FDA Approved?

Provillus contains the FDA approved compound minoxidil. When it first came out it was only available by prescription. Now it is available to buy online without a prescription.


Provillus For Women

It’s a sad fact and perhaps more of a sign of the times that 30 million women in America suffer from some form of alopecia, even perhaps without fully knowing it. By the age of 30 the hair starts to thin and lose it’s volume. It’s not a matter of “if” any more but “when”.

female hair loss

By the time a woman hits the age of 50, she has a 50% chance of experiencing hair loss.

Provillus provides the nutrients and ingredients your hair needs to restore balance to the hair follicles in order to rejuvenate and produce thicker hair strands. Factors such as age, sun, diet and stress can all amount up to a lot of long term damage over the years which cause your hair shafts to thin and eventually disappear.

You can lose 50-100 hairs per day once your hair starts to thin. This will be noticeable when you brush and after a shower. Hair loss among women can be accelerated close to the menopause, and hormonal changes cause havoc with the body’s natural processes.

Women are advised not to take it if their hair loss is associated with child birth and also if there are large areas of balding and were there is no history of hair loss in the family.

It is not advised to use this product If you have just experienced sudden hair loss or if large patch areas of baldness appears on the scalp. You should consult your doctor instead as there could be some underlying health issue at bay.


What Are The Active Ingredients?

The active ingredients are minoxidil, alcohol 30%, propylene glycol 50%, purified water. Propylene glycol helps absorb extra water and is recognized as being generally safe by the FDA. It also includes herbs like eleuthero and saw palmetto that are known to assist in the repair and treatment of damaged hair as well as vitamins like B6 and minerals like zinc and magnesium that play key roles in the bodies production of hair, skin and teeth.


Does Provillus Cause Erectile Dysfunction or other Side Effects?

Before taking a drug like Provillus you need to know if there are any unwanted side effects such as erectile dysfunction. This is not a common side effect at all like you would get with a hair treatment drug called finesteride. Sexual dysfunction, or low sex drive is not a side effect.

Reactions to Provillus are rare and restricted to usually the common mild reactions normally associated with shampoos. Most of the common side effects include mild itching and irritation of the scalp.

If you experience any other unwanted side effects you should stop taking the lotion and contact your Doctor.


Provillus Doseage

Women should use 1ml with the supplied dropper twice a day. Apply it directly to the area where hair loss is most apparent. If no improvement occurs after 16 weeks you are advised to stop the treatment.

If any adverse side effect occurs like redness of the scalp, dizziness or any other usual medication side effects- heart racing, heart pain, swelling of the hands or feet etc, you are advised to stop applying the treatment.

For men the dosage is the same – 1ml twice a day to the affected area. Applying more solution will not speed up the results or increase the effect. You should also not continue with the treatment if you have any of the aforementioned side effects. For men if you have large gaps of baldness on the scalp this treatment will not reverse the situation.


Difference Between Provillus For Men & Provillus For Women

The only difference between the solutions is the strength of the mixture of minoxidil in each solution. For women the solution is mixed with a 2% concentration is used and for men a 5% concentration of minoxidil is used.





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