Provillus vs. Rogaine

There is nothing as terrible as hair loss and on an appearance level probably can be seen as every human beings worst nightmare. It alters your looks dramatically and can make you look older than you are or older than you feel. Worst of all it takes away a person’s self-confidence.

Hair loss is seen as a natural way of life as one gets older in both men and women. The causes of hair loss in men is mostly known as male pattern baldness caused by Andorgenetic Alopecia which is hereditary. This runs in a lot of families, other things like hormones also affect hair loss in men. In women, it can also be hereditary or caused by surges in hormones or hormone imbalances.


Do not despair there is a solution

However there are solutions to this epidemic. There is an extensive natural hair regrowth market out there which research has found has the solution to this problem. The Provillus spray or topical application is that one solution. Despite it having many competitors especially another regrowth solution called Rogaine it appears to always come up on top.


Is there a secret ingredient?

The Provillus hair spray is made up of its one main ingredient which is the active agent Minoxidil. They have come up with a product especially for men which has 5% of Minoxidil and for women which has 2% of Minoxidil. So this hairspray caters for everyone. Minoxidil is an ingredient that does not have any real evidence as to how it works but it is seen to be the main ingredient in most hair regrowth products.

It is seen to stimulate blood vessels to increase blood flow especially to affected areas. Rogaine as well has two separate products that specifically fit men and women. The idea of these two is to assist the revitalisation of shrunken hair follicles, regrow and lengthen hair showing changes within four months and onwards. This is about as far the similarities go.


What have results shown?

Provillus has had glowing reviews and even though on the surface it would appear that the products are similar, they are not. Studies have shown that for men, Provillus shows results within sixteen weeks in over 85% of the people who used it. In women over a 48 week study, results started showing after 32weeks and this was in 60% of the people. In Rogaine there isn’t a well-documented analysis on how long it takes for results to start showing except 4 months to a year.


The Good and the Bad

In the majority of users of Provillus in a clinical trial they said the results made them more confident with the product. They found that once it started working, the hair was stronger and thicker unlike with the Rogaine, they found that the hair that grew back was thin and brittle and this new hair would eventually with time fall out again.

This has got to be a nightmare relived. Provillus hair spray regrowth brings out healthier, shiny hair that has more volume almost making ones hair look as good as new. With Rogaine the hair is seen to look sickly and does nothing to boost self-confidence.

female hair loss

Early Application


Once it is clear that you are losing your hair, it is important for you to start applying Provillus hair spray as soon as possible if you want it to work. This is because unfortunately if the hair follicles are left undeveloped for too long they will be impossible to revive.

With Rogaine once you start using it, you have to use it for life because once you stop using it, the hair loss will return. So it has to be consistent for the rest of your life. Provillus is much the same, although once your hair grows back and you have experience a good hair growth cycle for about 12 months, you can relax of it for a while and see if the hair can keep growing without any help.

With Provillus and Rogaine once you start the treatment your thinning hair follicles can die off in certain areas. This is a natural part of the process and is nothing to be worried about as the new stronger hair follicles are replacing the old weakened strands.

After looking at research analysis Rogaine seems to work mostly for those whose hair loss was caused either by medication or hormone changes. The majority of those with hereditary causes seem to have had poor results using this product.

However with the Provillus hair spray, it works regardless of the cause, it does not discriminate, allowing it to be beneficial to everyone. But be warned you cannot grow hair on large bald patches of the scalp. For this is simply too late, no hair growth product on the world can fix this.


Are there side effects?

With every product there are side effects to be expected. However; with Provillus the side effects are minimal and rare. The 6% in the study are the only ones who showed signs of side effects, which were mild itching and irritation on the scalp.

With Rogaine unfortunately there appeared to be more side effects which even the company itself warns that once these appear it must be discontinued. These include, Itching, flacking, as well as an undesirable one of hair growing on the face and other places. This has to be unacceptable and in addition to the embarrassment of losing hair.


People who have used Provillus have said it is pleasant and easy to use and does not cause any discomfort. Rogaine on the other hand, can leave a white chalky substance after use, which can smell, plus it leaves hair feeing very greasy.

This is something that most people who have used Provillus hair spray have not complained about. When it comes to comparing prices, Provillus is cheaper and brings value for money. Rogaine is expensive and from its reviews, it’s not worth it.

The one downside though of Provillus is, it can only be ordered online. It would be easier if it could be bought over the counter, however; if purchased from the website there is a money back guarantee if it does not work. Rogaine can be found over the counter.


Hair growth solutions need patience. They need to be given adequate time for results to start showing. They are also not for everyone. There are some unlucky few who will not benefit from Provillus hair spray and it is important for the user to be consistent to get the full benefits of the product. However; from all the research I have done, Provillus hair spray is a winner, it has the fastest most sustaining results on the markets. I would recommend it.


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