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Is There A Natural Cure For Male Pattern Baldness?

  • Can male pattern baldness be prevented?
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In the United States alone over 50 million males experience male pattern hair baldness today. This has actually produced an industry bustling with a turnover of over a billion dollars a year in hair care restoration products.

If you are among these 50 million you may have sought aid with hair repair aimed at protecting against a decreasing hair line and with the ultimate goal of restoring areas of baldness.

But is this actually possible? Can hair be regrown on the scalp or is this fools gold? Let’s look at the root causes of baldness to begin with before answering the most pressing question, is it avoidable or reversible.

Male Pattern Baldness & Testosterone Levels

Male pattern hair loss is triggered by testosterone, as well as diminishing levels of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in your body. Testosterone levels are important for your physical well being and has an important role in bone density, sex drive, muscle mass, red blood cell production, fat proportions and the production of sperm.

Low testosterone can be linked to increased fat stores, decreased muscle mass, depression, a poor libido and hair loss.

So far no specific gene has been found that can be attributed to loss of hair. If one of your parents have had it there is a chance you will also have it. If both of them have it in their family history then you have more of a chance of getting it as well. There has been no exclusive evidence on the exact genes that are known to affect hair loss.




How Does Provillus Help Protect Against This?

Hair roots require a constant supply of blood as well as nutrients in order to keep on producing thick hair follicles which in turn adds volume and density to your hairline. A steady supply of rich nutrients is needed to keep your hair in good condition and for it to give off a nice shine. Provillus supplies the exact nutrients the hair needs along with an ingredient named minoxidil that promotes hair regrowth.

These unique ingredients serve to revitalize hair follicles that have recently or are about to quit functioning. Different to prescribed medicines like Finasteride (Propecia) it will not distress your physical body’s organic hormone equilibrium or make your scalp seem like it’s on fire.

It takes some time for the treatment to work, and initially you’ll see areas of thinning hair shedding before the hair follicles return to the area in a strengthened thicker condition.

Does MPB Happen Quickly?

So when does male pattern baldness start? It can occur any time, particularly from the late teen years in some individuals. Most people will notice a degree of hair loss after the age of 30, and the origins of it can usually be genetic factors plus a lowering of the essential hormone testosterone.

If you neglect the hair follicles when they start to thin eventually they become so thin that they disappear. It can take a few years for male pattern baldness to get extremely noticeable, or it can rapidly progress over several months. For Provillus to work you have to catch it early.

Can Science Answer How Quickly Does Male Pattern Baldness Occur?

There is no definite answer to the question  of how quickly does male pattern baldness occur as there are too many factors that effect androgenetic alopecia the technical name for baldness in men. You can get an inkling by retracing old photos of your father or uncle if it runs in the family.

But this is only a suggestion as many modern factors have changed over the decades that are thought to have influenced hair loss. Factors like processed foods being more prevalent in the diet, chemicals and pollutants in the atmosphere and in everyday household products, and stress is also though to have an impact on hair loss.

The Effect of Gluten On Male Pattern Hair Loss

Gluten has been touted to be a proponent among many health care practitioners as to having a negative effect on hair loss. A healthy diet is key for the proper maintenance and continual development of hair follicles. You can read some interesting research on the effects of gluten on individuals with hair loss here.

Many individuals are notoriously intolerant to gluten in the first place and should not even be consuming it on a regular basis. To check if you are effected by gluten you should undergo a gluten intolerance test. You may find you have more vitality and energy if you cut back on or eliminate gluten entirely from your diet in the first place.

Once your body is functioning properly, it will be able to do it jobs more effectively and one of those involves producing healthy hair. The bottom shaft of our hairs follicles divide every 24-72 hours so it essential the body is kept healthy. Remember once a cell dies it cannot be regenerated!

Is Male Pattern Baldness Reversible?

For the treatment to be effective, there has to be hair follicles left to get strengthened. Otherwise the analogy to refer to would be trying to grow hairs on a billiard or pool ball. Simply impossible. Provillus is not a miracle cure, it takes what you got and it improves it.

If your father or mothers side is prone to hair loss be on the alert for male pattern baldness to start, because if it runs in the family and you catch it early on, you’ve got a shot.


The active ingredient inside Provillus combined with the natural ingredients mentioned in the next paragraph are known to elevate and strengthen the condition of hair shafts and also promote re-growth in thinning patches of hair.

For instance there is a link between male pattern baldness and zinc, or rather a deficiency in the levels of zinc. Zinc plays a vital roll in the growth and division of cells. It is essential in the growth of skin, hair and nails. It also props up the immune system, and keeps it working optimally which has a knock on effect in the promotion and growth of hair, skin and nails.

How Natural Ingredients Can Help Against Hair Loss

The ingredients within Provillus have been designed specifically to work with the hair tonic. This natural treatment for male pattern baldness uses a mixture of herbs and minerals to boost your bodies natural defenses.

Vitamin B6 collaborates with zinc and also magnesium mineral to assist and restore healthy and balanced roots and also to regulate the normal degree of testosterone that influences the scalp.

Eleuthero, Saw Palmetto and also various other natural herbs as well as plant essences are included and these have actually been recognized to assist treating hair loss and promote blood circulation which inturn ensures the important nutrients for constructing solid healthy and balanced hair are more ably absorbed by your hair shafts follicles.

One of the problems with a drug like Propecia is a loss of sex drive and also the possibility of acquiring “Moobs” or to give it is proper name gynecomastia. Numerous physicians have agreed that the promoters of Propecia often tend to gloss over the destructive impacts that dabbling with your testosterone levels can bring on, which can ironically enough even lead to faster hair loss.

Here's an example of minoxidil being applied and how it is done. You will also learn how important good health and nutrition is, if you want to prevent hair loss from ravaging on.


Male Pattern Baldness Stages & Widows Peak

The effects of balding can start gradually. You may notice the sides of your hair thinning at the front of your forehead, and this can be referred to as having a widows peak. Widows peak creates a v shape at the temples.

Although in some women and men this is a natural trait from the early stages of childhood (where the hair grows into a point at the center of the forehead instead of growing in a horizontal line) and does not suggest the early onset of baldness.

When it usually occurs at the front of the head after the late teen years it usually refers to the hair at the sides of the temples starting to gradually recede. If this occurs and you have never noticed it before it is usually the result of a receding hairline and not a trait from birth. It can be one of the first signs that you are losing your hair.

Many people will experience male pattern baldness at the front of the forehead years before patches appear at the back of the head.

What Age Do You Have To Be To Experience Hair Loss?

Age is not a delimiting factor when it comes to hair loss. Male pattern baldness can occur at the age of 20. But there are many cases when this occurs even before that. This could be the sign of diabetes or a thyroid problem or lupus or a deficiency in keratin a protein in the body that helps maintain the hair skin and nails. In women severe stress and the onset of the menopause can be attributed to the first signs of hair loss.

Male & Female pattern baldness can also occur after chemotherapy treatment.

Alopecia areata is a rare disease that causes 1 in 50 people to lose hair. Thankfully it does not always last for a long term.

Treatment Options

Many people have used drugs to combat a decreasing hair line. it is best to look for a natural treatment to MPB and not to ingest drugs as they cannot treat the root cause of the problem. If you are looking for solutions prescribed drugs are not only dangerous, but some of the side effects can actually speed up the degree of hair loss.

They do nothing to tackle the bodies innate ability to function correctly, which in turn enables a positive return on hair production.

Provillus is one of the only hair regrowth products on the market that includes an FDA backed ingredient known to promote hair growth. Read more about what it does in our Provillus review.

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