The Lengths People Will Go To

female hair lossHair today- gone tomorrow, the lengths people will go to, to hold onto their hair. Here’s a few common hair-brained schemes that have been mustered ranging from fairly recently to centuries old tales.

20150213105309-provillusbannerformenan622015600x300Laser Light Therapy

Costs a fortune at a clinic so people usually look to the low powered laser light combs on Amazon. Problem – they don’t work. They don’t have the same power as you would find at a clinic. Obviously to stop people from frying their craniums.

Onion Therapy

This is a good old fashioned technique that simply involves rubbing an onion on your head vigorously. Onion contains trace amount of sulfur which is touted as having beneficial properties which promotes hair growth. Those who have had the best success with this have done it every couple of days for 6 months. There is a better way- Grate a full onion and capture the juice in a container. Separate the bits from the juice using a strainer. Apply liberally to the hair shafts and massage into the thinning areas. Now wait- for about 30 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo. Problem – smell – the trouble, and the amount of onions. Besides smelling like a deli there is a better alternative. Buy an onion based shampoo. It will save you manually making up your reduction. Or if you are really hardcore, mix up 12 large onions and pour the reduction into a washed out old shampoo bottle. Store in the fridge and then take it to the shower every few days. Wash out with normal shampoo and conditioner after unless you want to smell like you’ve slept rough for 3 weeks.

You can also look for an onion oil, but you will have to do some digging before you find the pure oil. You will find many of these products are used in aromatherapy and are mixed with synthetic perfumes, so although it would mean your hair does not smell as bad, it will do little if nothing at all to promote hair growth.


This goes like the onion therapy instead of onions you use coffee. What works best- instant or ground?-  what strength? Milk or sugar? This has the same problems as the onion but it can really mess up your shower, tiles and bathroom with the splatter. Yes I have tried this. Thankfully there is a better way, try a shampoo like Alpecin. You can also get their caffeine leave-on-spray.

Problem- not sure about the spray but the shampoo leaves your hair in a very bad condition. It made mine all sticky and dry, like the consistency of hay, Weird. Use a normal shampoo and a good conditioner afterwards. In fact rinse it twice. Does this have an effect on washing out the caffeine? I don’t know. The bottle says you leave the shampoo on for 2 minutes to allow it to penetrate into the hair shafts. So maybe normal shampooing afterwards won’t affect it.


Now this may seem a bit bizarre but I’ve actually seen my dad do this one, plus he had a full head of thick hair up until he hit the 60 mark. I’d be happy with that. Although there is no actual scientific proof to back this up, many people still believe nettles have a property that can stimulate your hair into regrowth. Problem – ouch it can sting – solution buy a nettle based shampoo.

Nettles actually contain a lot of vitamin c and while this isn’t per se used in the production of hair follicles, it is believed to improve the condition of the hair. Also known as stinging nettle, people will use nettle oil in culinary dishes. Especially know since we live in the age of the Michelin star and celebrity chef, exotic dishes and ingredients in experimental dishes is commonplace. Nettle oil has also be used for centuries in urinary tract disorders and also to combat bone problems such as arthritis.

Nettles also provide a lot of beneficial nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C, iron and potassium. Many people will add dried nettle leaves to stews and dishes. This can have a knock on effect for health, and as this blog already states in another article, having a healthy diet is a must if you want to improve your chances of holding onto your hair.

You can’t apply a tonic like Provillus, or use onions, nettles or caffeine based shampoo and expect to compensate for a poor diet. No matter what the government or health agencies try an tell you, a diet in high fats is not the problem, a diet rich in sugar, processed foods high in salts and preservatives, plus a limited palette and poor vitamin and mineral intake is the enemy. Sugar is responsible for more weight gain than any amount of fats. But that’s for another day.

If you didn’t also know a nettle is a flowering plant. It’s been used in medicinal and homeopathic treatments for centuries. It’s primary known for treating inflammation, irritation and itching skin conditions. It is also readily available in a lot of shampoos. Many people already make it as nettles are so readily available in the country side. You can extract the oil and mix it with virgin oil. If you are interested in detailed instructions on making your own read this.

None of these methods tackle the root cause of pattern baldness, This is just a bit of fun. To see how you can treat the underlying causes read this.

female hair loss20150213105309-provillusbannerformenan622015600x300

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