How To Have Healthy Hair

We all like to think of having certain traits as a right. Health, long age, mobility,
functioning brains, happiness, money, good relationships, security… traits than can be considered as good fruit, fruit from a tree supplied by God, ensure us that we are, “normal”.

That’s why our first reaction to processing we have an illness or a problem is “why me”?

Why not. Sickness can be as random as being born into riches or into poverty.

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Is Your Hair Bothering You?

We can easily assert this attitude over our looks. Well we looked young yesterday in our teens, even in our twenties, but by our late twenties to early thirties we may have started to notice some chinks in our armour.

We even start to acquire new traits that are not especially welcome such as weight gain. It becomes harder and harder to shift around the mid riff (guys) or around our hips and bottoms (ladies). Then the hair starts leaving at will and not being replaced (guys + gals).

So what can be done about it?
Apart from staring in stunned silence and wondering why this is happening to you there are a few things you can do. First of all it’s only natural to realize that after your late twenties things start to slow down a bit. Men’s testosterone levels start to decline and this can slow down the manufacture of hair.

For ladies childbirth, the menopause (although 30 is a bit too early for the majority) and hormonal shifts can all impact the rate at which your hair stats to fall out and not be replaced. Don’t panic when you notice more hair stays on the brush after you use it. Hair shedding can be a temporary condition. The body can also resort to normal after a transitional period of hair loss.

If Hair Loss Is Irreversible What Can You Do About It?

The first thing to do when it becomes noticeable that your hair is falling out and not being replaced is to consult your doctor. You need to have blood tests done to eliminate any medical conditions. If one day you wake up and large portions of your hair falls out go to your doctor immediately.

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If you get the all clear it is more likely than not that you are experiencing pattern baldness. If it were any other form of alopecia your doctor would have discussed that with you. So after ruling out any medical induced triggers for hair loss here is what you can do about it.

Clean Up Your Diet

Cut out the processed foods, eliminate the extra salt, and cut way back on your sugar intake. Your body needs to be running again like a well oiled machine. You need to replenish it’s basic supply of vitamins and minerals and let it recover. If you were over stressed for years, this can inhibit your bodies resources and cause it to function less optimally. You need to over supply it with great nutrition to get it back to where it once was.

Stress and environmental factors and even everyday household products can eliminate your bodies supply of resources. If you have been on the pill for years your bodies hormonal patterns can be affected to such a degree that your system is clogged up. Reset your immune system with organic fruit and veg, and add whole grains and whole foods to your diet, and as said before you have no excuse for using processed foods.

provillus hair loss solutionDrink spring water for a few months and notice the difference. You don’t need to stay on it for life, but a water filter is highly recommended for your home supply as there is so much oestrogen in our water supplies due to years of women taking the pill and it being recycled back into our water supplies.

Make sure you add a good multi vitamin on take hairfinity minerals. Personally i will get a strong multivitamin that is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and vitamin c + selenium. These are all essential in the production of hair, skin and nails. You will get the same from hairfinity only 3 times more expensive. Don’t believe the hype!

Now To Rejuvenate Your Hair!

Now for the fun bit. There are a lot of products on the market that use minoxidil. This ingredient has backing from the Food & Drug Administration Agency as it has been proven in clinical trails to promote hair growth. Products like Provillus use it. You use a dropper to apply it to the scalp. Note this is a scalp product not a hair product.

It then penetrates deep into the hair roots and goes to work. It feeds nutrients into the roots and improves the circulation of blood supplied to the roots. Blood is the life force of the body as it supplies all the nutrients and minerals we need for everyday life. Minoxidil promotes better blood flow and has been shown to increase the width and flood of blood vessels on the scalp. This means the hair will absorb more nutrients and in turn produce stronger, healthier hair.

Minoxidil has been shown to repair dying hair follicles and restore them from thin strands of wispy hair to thick strands of healthy hair. this will allow you to keep the hair you already have, plus it adds volume and shine to your flowing locks. That’s it! Remember healthy hair starts on the inside and works it ways outwards.

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